7 best practices for Auto workshops

During Corona Virus Outbreak

The novel corona virus epidemic that started in Wuhan, China on December 8, 2019, has infecting more and more people day by day. During these times, we ask you to follow some of the best practices to fight it. Mention Below are some of the best practices to follow :- 

01. Staff Awareness

  • Explain staff about covid-19 and its impact
  • Make them aware about the symptoms
  • Provide training on hygiene and importance of washing hands regularly

02. Inside Workshop

  • Keep enough masks and gloves
  • Provide sanitisers on most of the places
  • Maintain one technician per car
  • Keep equipments and tools sanitised regularly

03. Touch-less service

  • Offer “Zero-touch” service for safety
  • Disinfect¬†the cars before delivery

04. Door-step service

  • Offer door-step service to your clients
  • Or provide pick-up and drop in touch-less manner

05. Communicate

  • Communicate customers about the precautions you are taking
  • Let them know the store timings
  • Explain about the touch-less service and disinfection process

06. Working hours/shifts

  • Publish the workshop timings to let emergency service vehicles know about the working hours
  • Split staff into shifts to maintain social distancing
  • Or allow them to work alternate days based on the workload

07. Follow govt. & WHO guidelines

  • Follow govt. instructions closely
  • Get information from trusted sources (i.e. WHO)