Winner of the prestigious “Digitalization Project of the Year” award
Automechanika Dubai Awards
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The platform trusted by the best automotive service brands

Global automotive service enterprises leverage GaragePlug’s cloud platform to accelerate their workshop network’s productivity, enhance customer journey & acquire aggregated business intelligence.

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Trusted by 3 of the world's top oil and lube retail brands.

Tailored for your business

Let GaragePlug take care of the obstacles while you focus on growing your brand to new heights!

Auto repair and detailing brand challenges that need your attention

Poorly defined customer journey.
Low transparency with end-customers.
Operational efficiency.
Labour intensive manual work.
Poor customer retention.
Difficulty establishing premium brand perception.

Growing a multi-brand service brand need not be hard when you solve these

Difficulty streamlining multi-brand operations.
Tedious resource management.
Complex multi-brand inventory management.
Customer relationship management.
Difficulty benchmarking performance.
Difficult financial analysis and reporting.

Simplify franchise/company-owned network management by fixing these

Lack access to reliable sell out data.
Lack differentiation in the market.
Non-uniform brand experience across network.
No consumer behaviour analytics.
Poor SOP implementation.
Poor partner network retention.

Proven platform with 4 cloud products

GaragePlug’s  platform consists of 4 cloud products that work together to unify your customer journey, your service network & your head office

The CX Cloud

Your customers are modern, tech-savvy and convenience seeking.  So, give them what they seek - deliver the best CX to retain them.

Integrated customer app with your branding that puts a smile on your customers face

Our branded customer app offers user-friendly features such as easy booking, real-time updates, and personalized reminders, creating a seamless and delightful experience for your customers. By putting your business's brand first, we build trust and loyalty with your customers, setting you apart from the competition and leaving a lasting smile on their faces.

Digitalize your entire customer’s journey with your service outlets

GaragePlug's omni-channel notification system has 8 digital touchpoints that enhance your customers' journey with your business. Each touchpoint, from online booking to inspection reports to service approval to live tracking to due service reminders, each one is thoughtfully crafted to create a seamless and delightful experience.

Intuitive web booking portal and self-check-in with smart virtual advisors for seamless customer experience

Empower your customers with effortless service booking via our web portal and self-check-in with a virtual service advisor. By combining technology with human touch, we create a seamless and efficient customer experience that sets your business apart from the competition.

The Workshop Cloud

When your customers are modern, tech-savvy and convenience seeking, shouldn’t your workshops be too?

Harness the full power of world’s most loved mobile-first workshop management system

Our platform streamlines all aspects of your business, from appointment scheduling to inventory management to customer communications, all-in-one intuitive system. Our platform is user-friendly and designed to be easily used by ground-level technicians.

  • Workflow management
  • Appointment management
  • Customer relationship automation

  • Digital job card & E-invoicing
  • AI & digital inspection
  • Advance analytics & reports

3x your workshop manager’s performance by gaining a bird's-eye view of your service outlets

GaragePlug's service monitoring board offers a comprehensive, outlet-specific overview, allowing you to optimize your workshop manager's performance and achieve up to 3x greater results for each location. With a bird's-eye view of each individual outlet's operations, you can visually identify areas for improvement and control shop-floor operations effectively.

The BI Cloud

Multiple outlets that too spread across different continents? No problem - know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Control each of your service outlets right from your head office

With GaragePlug's HO panel, you can seamlessly manage and control each of your service outlets directly from your head office. Control service pricing and manage the user access of your service outlets.

Harness the Power of Data with GaragePlug's Business Intelligence Platform

GaragePlug's Business Intelligence (BI) platform is designed to help you unlock the full potential of your business. Our platform provides you with powerful data analysis tools and insights, allowing you to make informed decisions and take proactive steps to optimize your business operations.

  • Sell out data
  • Consumer behaviour analytics
  • Track top-selling parts or service

  • Near real-time updates
  • Track marketing ROI with ease
  • Geo-wise revenue visualization

The AI Cloud(GPSense)

AI isn't just for tech – it's for everyone, even shopfloor technicians!

Democratizing AI to 3x your service advisor and shopfloor technician’s capabilities.

GaragePlug's AI cloud democratizes AI within the automotive service sector, empowering service advisors and shopfloor technicians to predict vehicle issues, offer personalized recommendations, perform video inspections with AI guidance, and anticipate maintenance needs. This leads to more efficient operations, higher customer satisfaction, and improved vehicle reliability. AI will form the foundational backbone of GaragePlug's entire platform soon.

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With our digital transformation team members with 30+ years of industry experience and with the 5 years of GaragePlug’s existence, we do things differently and we’ve proof that it works.

3 of the world’s top oil and lube brands trust GaragePlug’s vision. So, you can trust us too.

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