Winner of the prestigious “Digitalization Project of the Year” award
Automechanika Dubai Awards
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Life at GaragePlug

Taking on the Automotive Service Industry with head held high

Meet The Founders

Rohit Bhatnagar
Founder & CTO
Ashish Shrivastav
Founder & COO
Shubhra Srivastava
Founder & CEO
Kaoru Kuroda
Chief Advisor

Meet The Minds Of GaragePlug

Satish Kumar
Senior Software Engineer
Abdul Mastan
Customer Success Manager
Ankit Kumar
Senior Software Quality Engineer
Kaiwal Shah
Account Executive
Jayesh Ramesh
Digital Marketing
Ashish Jha
Account Executive
Ojaswi Srivastava
Aditya Singh
Siddhesh Kini
Gunjan Aggarwal
UX/UI Designer
Pooja Kayi
Software Quality Engineer
Sandhya N
Lead Development Specialist
Rakesh Pandey
Account Executive
Priyanka Sharma
Software Quality Engineer
Deepak Mishra
Software Quality Engineer
Rohal Sapkal
Customer Success Manager

Yearly Annual Reteat

Goa Annual Retreat '22

No work – only travel – explore – food – energise brains – for a week.

You see, GaragePlug exists because of sheer creativity and execution. We understand that creativity comes only when the mind is relaxed and having fun. To ensure this – we keep our yearly retreat for a week.

By the way,
What do we actually do?

You see, the automotive industry is often named one of the most technologically innovative industries in the world. This industry builds automotive and sells automotive to today’s modern consumers. Great!
But the automotive service side of the industry has lagged behind in innovations and customer experience.
At GaragePlug, we’re trying to change that.
We’re building the world’s most advanced workshop management platform for the automotive aftersales service industry. We believe we’re heading the revolution in this industry and we aim to make the service side of the industry as competitive and innovative as the core automotive industry.

Who do we work with? Our customers?

GaragePlug's platform is trusted by Google & Faceook of Oil/Energy & Automotive companies like Aramco, Total Energies, Valvoline, etc.

These are some ultra-premium sports & luxury car service businesses that use GaragePlug

What does our tech team do?

Building GaragePlug’s platform of course… Our tech team works with most of the internationally used fundu tech stuff.Because…Why not?… Right?Just kidding.Because that’s what it takes to build an automotive platform like GaragePlug.We’re more proud to say that we actually have one of the most sophisticated yet “the most problem solving” platforms for this industry. Try taking a demo and you’ll instantly know the level of our developing engineers. You’ll learn what it takes to be a software engineer at GaragePlug.

What does our non-tech teams do?

Once again, no kidding…but the customer success/support, marketing and sales team is one of the most fun teams to work with.The sales team is headed by our CEO – Shubhra Srivastava are are closing deals at crazy high rates. The sales team has a diverse group of people across India who are heavy closers. Only the best tend to make it to the team.The sales and customer success team gets to go on International Business trips. Check out some pics of our team on their international trips

Marketing team often participates in International trade shows

December 2021 was big with Automechanika Dubai

GaragePlug was loved and appreciated by our industry leaders. We managed to make a big name for ourselves and we also learned a lot. This event’s success helped shape our current growth.


“Working for GaragPlug has been a fantastic experience so far. I am working here for just a few months over 1 year but if I look back, the opportunities, support, and encouragement that I have received is way beyond it. The organisation has always helped me pick up more skills by providing internal mentoring, external mentoring, or even by sponsoring for external courses.As I write this, I am currently in Saudi Arabia, the automobile hub of middle east, meeting automotive giants day in and day out.
Kaiwal Shah
Digital Transformation Specialist
"The level of ownership and the way the founders treat your responsibility makes you feel that you too are a co-founder of the company. Being an early member & with the level of ownership given,  you'd feel like too are literally building a software company of your own"
Jayesh Ramesh
Product & Growth
"It has been great working with GaragePlug. I have started my professional career with GaragePlug and I have learned a lot in the last three years and I am still learning. Our cofounders are great who have helped me in every step of the way to improve my skills and push my limits. Garageplug feels like family to me."
Rakesh Pandey
Account Executive

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