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Multi-Outlet Software

The Operating System for Multi Outlet Auto Detailing & Repair Businesses

Premium Multi-Outlet Software for Automotive Service Workshops

Trusted by 5000+ users around the world

One Platform. All in the Cloud

Head Office
One cloud Automotive oil change software to manage each and every oil change outlet. Get a next-gen digital head office experience with an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive dashboard that shows the performance of each and every oil change outlet.
End Customers
Meticulously designed to bring out a truly digital touchless customer experience to lock in your customers with your oil change centers. A premium oil change software experience that makes your customers feel in-charge by making your work operations transparent.
Service Outlet
A super intuitive oil change software experience for outlet managers and oil change technicians. Built with reference from international automotive strategies to maximize your tire oil change business to its fullest.

Tailored for Your Business

Specially made for your business needs

All-in-one service software

Efficient & Organized Workshop Operations

Easy-to-use multi-outlet management software that provides almost every information that you'll ever need to know. All the reports collected in one place.

  • Save time by creating digital job cards.
  • Real-time inventory management.
  • Effective technician time-tracking.
  • Smart vendor management.

...and much much more. Designed by automotive experts for multi-outlet service workshops.

Automated communication with your customers

Provide World-Class Customer Experience

A simple-to-use automated communication system that automatically engages with your customers and keeps them informed.

  • Automatic interaction via SMS, Email, WhatsApp.
  • Send a personalized digital invoice with your branding.
  • Send live service updates.
  • Send automatic vehicle service reminders.
  • Send automatic service feedback and auto-post them on all Google listings.
  • Get bookings from your own Android & iOS app.

...and much more. Designed by customer success specialist for multi-outlet service centers.

Go from data to decision quickly

Intelligent Business Analytics Dashboard

A comprehensive yet intuitive business dashboard that shows every data that you'll ever need to understand your multi-outlet service business' performance

  • Intuitive report and business analytics.
  • Smart finance and tax manager.
  • Individual outlet-wise performance reports
  • Measure output efficiency of each service technician.
  • Comprehensive inventory prices and reports.

...and much more. Designed by customer & business success specialist for multi-outlet service businesses.

Build your brand and grow

Quick Branding & Integrated Marketing Solutions

Easy-to-setup smart branding solutions to reduce your marketing expenses.

  • Send branded E-invoice to your customers.
  • Get a branded booking portal that highlights your offers and your personality.
  • Get more bookings with your own mobile app.
  • Automatic feedback collection and automatic posting of reviews in all your business listings.
  • Increase your social proof and online reputation.

...and much more. Designed by automotive marketing specialists for multi-outlet service centers.


Digital Inspections

Inspect customer's vehicle right before starting work, take and attach pictures of prior vehicle damages, suggest various other services if required and send it as a message for requesting customer approval.An intelligent way to put customers on top and make them connect with your Garage through the digital platform.

Job Cards

Create digital job cards with ease, add images, add customer's complaints and requests, send digital job cards to customers, take digital signatures from customers, and much, much more.
A smarter way to go completely paperless with your garage.

Client CRM

Notify your customer with real-time vehicle service stage updates via SMS, Email and WhatsApp. Remind your customers of the next vehicle service, automatically take feedback after service completion and auto-post the good feedback as online reviews.
Build meaningful relationships with your customers and give them a digital customer experience like never before.

Workflow Management

From the time your customers book an appointment with you till their payment, manage each and every process digitally in a systematic industry standard way.
Bring a class-leading operations workflow to your garage that maximizes work efficiency and increases revenue.


Create branded digital invoices and share them with customers via SMS, Email and WhatsApp. Give recommendations for the next service.
A smart way to go completely go cashless in today's digital cashless economy.

Track & Manage Technicians

Assign jobs to technicians based on their availability. Find the efficiency of each technician by calculating the time it takes for them to complete a job.
A comprehensive solution to increase productivity and profitability of your business by knowing all the minute details.

Loyality and Cashback module

Create Amazon-style digital discount coupons and cashback points to reward your customers.
A tactical way to retain your customers and help make new customers loyal to your business.

Appointment Module

Help customers book online appointments based on your workshop's availability. Distribute your work based on your current efficiency and workshop capacity automatically. Automatic booking slot blocking and time suggestions for customers to book appointments with you at their convenient time and only when your workshop can accommodate.
An intelligent way to distribute work and manage work-flow with maximum efficiency.

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