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How To Choose A Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

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October 11, 2021

A thorough vehicle inspection is quite vital nowadays before the service is started. But the customers always have an issue with how the process works. Therefore, the customers would be satisfied if they knew the whole process and its factors related to their vehicle.

A digital vehicle inspection software can observe the condition of the vehicle and can make the customer aware of it swiftly and efficiently. It will help them understand what needs to be repaired and replaced. The relevant data regarding the inspection process will be available on the customer’s mobile phone. You can forge a direct relationship with your customers through digital vehicle inspection. So you require good digital inspection software that can fulfill your needs.

How A Digital Auto Inspection Software Can Help A Repair Shop

Nowadays, digitization has become a part and parcel in the automobile industry and the automotive repair shops. In this regard, it is also seen that discussions are held in many groups, seminars, and meetings regarding diesel vehicle inspection. Gone are the days when you had to do your repair work through long and strenuous paperwork. Nowadays, everything from maintaining records and inventory, an inspection of the vehicle and bookings are all done digitally

Are you still doing the paperwork for every job with sheets, clipboards, etc.? All these are not needed anymore. Through digital vehicle inspection, you can create your checklist, comment on it, estimate the work, attach photos, upload videos, and so much more. These tasks can be done very easily through digital auto inspection software. You can also provide the customers with the live details about the work being done through this software to your customer via text or email and through a simple mobile application.

The digital vehicle inspection software is proving to be quite helpful for the auto industry. You can also share inspection photos and videos through the detailed report along the process of inspection. All this was not possible a few years ago due to the limited technology.

But now, through digital vehicle inspection software, you can send a detailed vehicle report to your customers sitting in the comfort of their homes. The inspection software also provides the customers with another facility. They don’t need to visit the auto repair shop personally. With the help of digital vehicle inspection software, the customers can have a detailed conversation with the technician in charge of their vehicle.

In addition to saving time, the digital vehicle inspection facility, the customers can give their consent on receiving the necessary information about the vehicle by the technician.

The digital auto inspection software also helps you store and maintain vital records about the previous jobs and regular customers, to streamline the process.

Additionally, this automated vehicle inspection can provide your technicians and other staff with easy solutions. A brief report regarding the vehicle’s mechanical details and electronic aspects is also uploaded on the digital vehicle inspection software for future reference. Thus, it can help the technicians get the vehicle prepared for the service faster and better.

The inspection software presents data information to you immaculately and clearly for any task.

How To Choose The Right Software For Digital Vehicle Inspection

Now that you know how beneficial the inspection can be, let’s talk about choosing the right software for it.

Based on the above details, it will help if you choose the digital vehicle inspection software based on the following features and factors.

  • First and foremost, the digital vehicle inspection software of your selection should be easy to use (both for the technician and the customer).
  • The information about this software should be clear to the technician so that they can record the vehicle’s information and share it with their customers so that the problem can also be resolved properly.
  • The software should be tested, hassle-free and reliable in operation.
  • The use of this software should be so that there is no need for paperwork after the operation. In addition, this software should have the facility to refer to the report in the future.
  • Through digital vehicle inspection, the technician should have the facility to send photos and videos related to the inspection to the customer to make a better, more informed decision after understanding the problem.
  • Time is one of the biggest virtues of life. So it is important that the digital vehicle inspection saves customers and technician’s time.
  • The software should be mobile-friendly, which means that the customers and technicians should be able to use the application through mobile devices.

A few of the features of the inspection software are mentioned above. They can be quite useful in today’s digital world.

As it is clear from the description and features, digital vehicle inspection software works well whether the customer uses mobile phones, tablets, desktops, or laptops. In addition, the customers can view the photos and videos any time they want.

The digital auto inspection software makes it possible for you and the customers to easily observe the vehicle’s engine health and other technical information. On that basis, your technician can decide on the future requirements. Therefore, digital vehicle inspections will be a big deal for every automobile manufacturer, repair shop, and customer.

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Advantages of Good Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

Most of the automotive repair workshops have been inspecting cars for a long time. Now the digitization has made their work just a bit easier. During the digital vehicle inspection, the vehicle details are recorded by the technician on the tablet or computer. Then, he starts his further work by taking a printout of it and adding it to the system of the shops.

  • Little To No Paperwork: Paperwork also had its problems. Before the new software came along, the whole inspection process was concluded through the paperwork. But now, the technician does not need to put the paper on the clipboard, nor does he have to face the bad handwriting of the inspection report, nor will he have to fear that the inspection paper will be printed. There will be no risk of tea, coffee, or other stains. The biggest drawback of this paperwork test was that there could be mistakes and issues (human error). But nothing like that is possible with the digital vehicle inspection software.
  • Problem-solving with digital vehicle inspection software: The new inspection software has changed everything. You can record a detailed report of the vehicle using the digital vehicle inspection software with the help of a tablet. The inspection software will be able to provide the technician with detailed information about a particular part and can recommend the replacement for it. That makes work easier for everyone involved.
  • The photo also has its importance in digital software: There’s a famous phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”. With the help of digital vehicle inspection software, a technician can upload a picture of the vehicle being worked on. Through the photos, the software can provide them with the necessary information for repair and replacement. With the convenience of photos, the digital vehicle inspection software creates transparency between the customer and the shop. It provides correct information regarding the repair or replacement of any part of the vehicle to the customer. So the customer is satisfied with the process during the payment.

If you are looking to modernize your automotive repair shop with the help of digital auto inspection software, consult with the experts at GaragePlug. They will provide you with the relevant information regarding it. So book your appointment via today.

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