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Top 5 Most Helpful Car Mechanic Magazines

November 30, 2021

One of the best approaches to obtaining information about trendy topics is magazines, and automotive issues are no different. Of course, some automotive magazines are revered around the world, like Autocar, TopGear, Evo, etc. But when it comes to the automotive mechanic magazines, the topics can differ quite severely from the typical car magazines. Repair shop owners and technicians like to be up to date about any and every new repair and maintenance technology and technique.

List of car mechanics magazines that you may want to have a look at:

  • Auto Service Professional: It is a highly popular magazine among auto repair shop owners and technicians. It focuses on helping the mechanic shop owners and staffers improve their technical as well as issue resolving qualities. Moreover, there is a section with dealer profiles, which shows some of the top auto repair shop dealers in the United States Of America, where this magazine is from. It also shows reviews about the latest tools and technologies in the auto repair industry. That is why it is highly regarded as one of the best automotive mechanic magazines around the globe.

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  • Shop Owner Mag: Shop Owner Mag is a highly popular magazine focusing on three of the most significant aspects of the auto repair industry: business intelligence, brand operations, and brand establishment. This magazine also shows you the profiles of real-life mechanic shops that are highly successful in their areas, along with the latest industry trends. That’s why Shop Owner Mag is one of the car mechanic magazines that repair shop owners around the world like to keep themselves updated with.

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  • Ratchet + Wrench: This magazine is considered one of the leading automotive mechanics magazines among the technicians to gather the latest information about the auto repair industry. It helps you understand the crucial aspects of this industry, including training and education, finance, sales and marketing, operations, technology, etc. In addition to highlighting the real teams in the automotive repair community, this magazine provides priceless information with respect to the real-world strategies that may help you grow your business. Other than that, they have a podcast and regular webinars that you can join in order to learn the intricacies of this industry.

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  • Hot Rod Magazine: When you hear about Hot Rod magazine, there is an instant thought in the mind about it being a magazine for car enthusiasts. But there is a massive market you may be ignoring. It’s the car mod fanatics. Some people love to convert their cars into hotrods, chops, JDMs, etc. The Hot Rod magazine can provide you with excellent insights into all the latest trends regarding car modifications. Established in the year 1948, it is considered a classic among the car mechanics magazines.
  • Autobody News: As the name suggests, this magazine focuses on all the latest information about the auto repair shop industry to help the owners and technicians excel in their business. That’s why it is highly regarded among the top automotive mechanic magazines.

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