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16 Pieces Of Equipment Every Auto Repair Shop Needs

Equip your auto repair shop with the essential automotive service equipment for efficient and effective vehicle servicing. Invest in high-quality items like air compressors, jacks, engine hoists, strut compressors, digital vehicle inspection software, and more. Proper equipment ensures top-notch service for your customers. #AutoRepairShop #MechanicTools #AutomotiveEquipment
January 19, 2022

When setting up a repair shop, there are certain automobile service pieces of equipment you require to function correctly. It enables your technicians to service every vehicle that comes through your doors efficiently, carefully, and quickly.

You are more level-headed before you start the operations of your shop. So you may want to get a hold of these automobile shop equipment beforehand. Also, having everything before you start your shop would mean that you will be able to deliver the best service right with the first vehicle in your shop.

Sometimes, to save some money, people think about leasing. But going that way when it comes to mechanics shop equipment may not be the right option. It may save you some money, but the tools will be lost if you lose a payment.

So buy your automotive servicing equipment carefully. Here is a list of equipment you may want to buy for an efficient service at your automobile repair shop:

  • Air compressor: Get a high-quality air compressor from a reputed brand. You may want to consider a 60 gallon (227 liters) compressor, as it will help you power the pneumatic wrench and other tools as well as a car lift. There will be a lot riding on this air compressor, so ensure a good quality one.
  • Jack Stand & Jack: Jacks are one of the essential automobile shop equipment. So you may want to get quality ones. Otherwise, they may break, and you won’t be able to find replacement parts for them. Also, it would help if you have more than one set of jacks and ones that will be able to lift vehicles of all sizes. Otherwise, your technicians will have to wait while other vehicles are being serviced. If you have a hoist, you may want to get a trans jack as well. It will help you lift heavy things like transmission, engine and even whole cars.
  • Free-standing press: Get a free-standing press that can hoist more than 30 tons. It will help you keep several essential tools and equipment like struts, axle bearings, etc. But ensure that it is not a small or standard press. Otherwise, you may encounter trouble in the future.
  • Engine hoist: Another all-important automotive service equipment. When a car requires engine repair, you will have to take it out of the vehicle. For that, you will require an engine hoist. Not only will the hoist help you take the engine out and fit it back in the tighter compartments of some cars, but it will also help you service the engine efficiently. You should also buy an engine leveler along with it, as they are inexpensive and make your work much more manageable.
  • Drain pans and caddy: You will need several oil and fluid drain pans in your automotive repair shop. They are quite necessary for draining vehicles and changing the fluids. Along with pans, oil caddies should also be purchased so that you can easily position the drain pan under the vehicle and store the oil and other fluids as well. The caddy will also be able to raise the pan to the vehicle’s height to avoid spillage.
  • Strut compressor: Vehicles require changing of struts in 70,000 miles. A strut compressor is one of the necessary automobile shop equipment as it enables the technician to perform suspension work more efficiently. But remember to buy one that can help you work on heavy-duty vehicles like Ford F-150, GMC Canyon, Toyota Hilux, etc.
  • Air conditioner machine: It is an important automotive servicing equipment as it helps the technician efficiently service the AC in a vehicle.
  • Digital Vehicle Inspection Software: A digital vehicle inspection software can observe the condition of the vehicle and can make the customer aware of it swiftly and efficiently. It will help them understand where the vehicle needs to be repaired. The relevant data regarding the inspection process will be available on the customer’s mobile phone. You can forge a direct relationship with your customers through digital vehicle inspection. That’s why it is considered among the very best mechanics shop equipment.
  • Acetylene Or Oxygen torch: For those areas with a lot of climatic changes, rust is an everlasting issue, which makes an acetylene or oxygen torch an essential automobile shop equipment.
  • Vehicle Lift: We can’t stress their importance enough. It can make every task, from simply changing a tire to changing the whole engine, easier. That’s why this automotive servicing equipment is considered the most crucial part of your service floor. Buy at least 2 good quality lifts with a capacity of lifting approximately 10,000 lbs.
  • Steel workbench: A good-quality heavy-duty workbench will help you hold heavy equipment and work on almost every kind of vehicle component. That’s why you may want to buy this mechanic shop equipment.
  • Jump box and battery charger: You’ll need to jump cars quite often, so buy a good quality one, instead of a cheap one or knock-off.

If you want more information and guidance to start your auto repair shop, feel free to contact our expert team. We also have E-books and many helpful guides for you that are sure to help you out.

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