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Be Where Your Customers Are, Be On WhatsApp

"Revolutionize Customer Engagement in the Automotive Service Industry with GaragePlug's WhatsApp Automation Platform. Harness the power of WhatsApp for private, secure, and effective customer interactions. Boost your return rate with automated due service reminders on WhatsApp.
October 20, 2022

Introducing GaragePlug’s WhatsApp Automation Platform – taking automotive service business’ customer engagement to WhatsApp – where most of your customers actually are.

The current generation of customer engagement relies on E-mail and SMS notifications. These were great.

These channels solved the problems of customer engagement – but, are they enough?

While they are great, they do have some small setbacks.

So? What could be an add-on improvement to this?

WhatsApp is a growing/ already top channel in many countries. WhatsApp is regarded as a premium channel for private and secure messaging.

WhatsApp is known for being peaceful with no interrupting ads and for being a trustable/ personal channel.

All these reasons make people regard WhatsApp with great respect.

So, what if you could take your customer engagement to a platform as highly regarded as WhatsApp?

Take a look at customer engagement with GaragePlug’s WAP –

Let’s do a quick comparison

While both WhatsApp and SMS platforms are good, let’s take a look at a quick side-by-side comparison from your customer’s perspective.

Service being repeat business, your workshop needs a high return rate for existing customers. The best way for it is by sending automated due service reminders.

Here’s how due service reminders will appear to your customers on WhatsApp and on SMS.

Clearly, WhatsApp has an advantage. With higher open rates and integratable call-to-action buttons that too in a private channel – is sure to yield better results.

Try our WhatsApp Automation Platform. Book a demo now.