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Everything You Need To Know About Unibody Repair

August 5, 2021

A car is just like any other entity built with various components. There is a single frame that holds together all the components. However, when the car suffers collisions or some damages, it can cause serious damages to the subframe of the vehicle. Sometimes it may just affect the aesthetics of the car but a serious accident can affect the internal components of the car affecting its operations. A car’s subframe is also called a unibody. Unibody damage can cause huge implications.

Older cars have subframes while the new ones have unibodies. The main point of difference between the two is that subframes have modular structures which basically means that they can be removed during car repairs. Most cars from the early 2000s have unibodies only. The best thing about a unibody structure is that the car is framed in one single entity. A unibody structure brings in more rigidity and stability to the car. Unibody repairs also can happen easily but require some extra set of tools and expertise.

Vehicles with unibody structures have reduced weight and also have a better fuel economy. They also absorb shock quite effectively during impacts and protect the people inside them. A unibody structure has a number of sections that are all enclosed in a single shell capable of absorbing all impacts and collisions. Some of the components include horizontal ones comprising the floor pan, the rails, and the rocker panel supports at the front which connects it to the rear support.

The vertical structures in the unibody connect the lower parts of the frame to the pillars resembling the roof. The A-pillars stretch from the hood to the front door, the B-pillars support the spaces between the front and rear doors, while the C-pillars support the sides of the rear windshield.

The components that make up some of the parts of the frame are body panels which include the aprons present over and behind the front wheel wells and the quarter panels which are present over and behind the rear wheel wells. The crumple zones that the unibody frames have are the ones that absorb collision. The impacted part bends inward protecting occupants. This is in fact called controlled deformation. This is one of the best features of a unibody design and saves the lives of people inside it.

Whenever there are dents or a requirement of a major repair due to serious damage done to the car from an accident or collision, unibody repairs can be involved as every car has unique factory specifications. Unibody repairs help in complying with the safety norms and allow the vehicle to function as per the expectations.

Every collision may require a different approach for unibody frame repair. A skilled technician is an absolute necessity in such cases as they are equipped with the right knowledge and expertise to handle such situations. The kinds of unibody damage can be of different types. In some cases, it can be small bent areas that require to be straightened out or can be replacement of certain parts. The unibody frame repair depends on the scope of the damage and its impact. Unibody repairs require a special type of welding that requires heat control and only experienced staff can do it. The most challenging out of all the repair processes is the straightening of twisted frames. The services of a hydraulic tool are needed as it requires a huge amount of pressure to straighten these frames. Only skilled technicians can do this process as the pressure beyond an optimum level can actually cause ruptures in the frame. Only specialized auto body repair shops with such skilled technicians and equipment can do such repairs. Technicians can assess the degree of the damage and suggest the best option available.

When it comes to the decision of whether to go for unibody repair, we often also contemplate replacing all the components instead. The answer to this dilemma actually lies with the kind and degree of damage the vehicle has suffered. Unibody frame repairs actually cost a little more than more forms of damages. Bent frames can be examples of such serious damages which actually cost a lot.

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Some people, therefore, put severely damaged cars for sale and put the money that they earn from them for their next car purchase. The cost of buying a new car in such situations is actually less than taking the car for repairs. Some people have a lot of sentimental value attached to their car and in case of damages are ready to pay extra charges and put in extra efforts to restore the car back to its original form. Some people are so fond of their cars that they keep replacing a few faulty parts and keep driving them despite the issues faced.

Unibody repair is something all cars have to undergo at some point in their lifetime and it is important that customers are aware of what to look for in such a situation. Customers should evaluate the options between replacing the components or selling the car or repairing it. It is important that you choose the right auto garage where you can go for the best unibody repairs of your car.