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How To Start A Tire Shop

October 11, 2021

The automobile industry is one of the constantly developing frontiers of the global market. The latest techniques and technologies are being used in this industry in every aspect. But the tires used in the vehicles keep their place steady. That’s why starting a tire business is considered to be quite profitable. There is no season or time to start it, so you can run this business effectively whether it’s retail, wholesale, or as an Auto repair shop throughout the year. You can also get a good ROI or return over investment in this business.

If you are looking to understand how to start a tire shop, it is crucial that you take care of some crucial factors:

Nature Of Tire Shop:

The first factor that needs to be taken into granted is the nature of your tire shop, which can be of two types. Either we acquire a franchise of a particular company’s tire, or we can independently sell and service tires of more than one company. Of course, if you decide to go with a franchisee of any particular company, you will have to adopt the brand’s name related to their tire. But to conduct a successful independent tire business, you might not want to be subject to the products of any one company.


To open a tire shop, you should keep two things in mind – the location and the authority or franchise. The garage you choose for your shop should be in an excellent location to ensure a good business. The choice of location depends a lot on your budget. The godown for the tire shop can be leased or rented out with a limited investment of capital.

Starting a tire shop in a garage can be quite important as there will be a lot of movement of vehicles and people.

Market Research:

Before diving into “how to start a tire shop”, you must conduct a thorough research about the field. You will have to take notes of the total population and the number of vehicles in the chosen area, along with the means of transportation and other tire shops there.

If you think of starting a tire shop in a less populated area, it will be challenging to conduct a profitable business there. You will also have to ensure that there is ​​excessive vehicle traffic for the tire business in that area. You should also get the information about the kind of vehicles driven by the people in that area. It will help you assess the category and brand of tires that are most liked by the people.

Financial Planning:

You might have to assess the market to find out what brand and kind of tires are sold by other dealers in the area. Additionally, you will have to work out how much profit the tire business will make after deducting the expenses. Then, you can set the sales target on that basis.

Also, you will need to arrange finance before starting the tire business. For that, you will need to combine your investment with bank finance. But, again, it must be done before starting the shop so that the business runs smoothly.

Permit And Other Legalities:

Before starting the tire shop, you will have to obtain a license per the rules prevailing in that region or state. There will also be a need to form a firm for your tire shop. It can be a sole proprietorship or partnership firm.

Sales And Services:

Along with sales, service will also be required at the tire shop. It can be a tire repair and other related work. Apart from the tire, the vehicle also needs other services like wheel balancing and alignment. These additional services can also be provided at the tire shop.

Tools Required:

The tire is one of the most important components of any vehicle. Fixing, balancing, and alignment of wheel and tire are very important. Providing your customers with these facilities at your tire shop will increase sales and services.

Lifting equipment, changing tables, alignment machines, balancing equipment, air and nitrogen compressors, tire wrenches, etc., are just a few of the necessary instruments and machinery required before you open a tire shop. Apart from this, a compressor-driven air gun is also required for opening, tightening the tire. It will help improve the quality of work, and time will also be saved.

If you are thinking of starting a tire shop, you might want to think about having a good display space to exhibit all the different brands and kinds of tires available for the customers to choose from.

If you have a query about “How to start a tire shop?” log on to, and one of our experts will help you with everything you need to know about starting a tire business.

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