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Tire Display Ideas To Boost The Tire Sales

Elevate your tire shop's appeal and boost business with these creative tire display ideas. Learn how to make tire selection easier for customers and enhance your showroom. #TireShop #TireDisplays #AutoRepair
February 4, 2022

Among the most important jobs in an auto repair and tire shop are the changes and repairs. So it would be good to have excellent tire display ideas. Besides, according to a recent survey, the tire industry is valued at more than $30 billion, and over 60% of these tires are sold through local independent dealers. So you may want to prioritize the tire showroom displays strategy.

Although tires are constantly evolving, there is still a noticeable lack of creativity in first-hand marketing. But let’s move past that. We’ll tell you all about the best approaches to promote your tires and make the selection process easier for your customers.

Let’s take an example of one of the customer complaints in their own words. “When I recently visited a tire shop, it was kind of a boring experience. When I walked in, there were so many people there, all confused about what kind of tires they wanted to buy. There were not many cool or any tire displays for the customers to understand the different tires. So it was a bit chaotic. I had to wait for the salesman to be free and help me with the tire. I think it would have been good to have an informative and interactive tire display in the shop.”, said a customer.

So here are a few creative tire display ideas for your shop to increase its business:

  • Selection variety: When you think of a display in a shop, there are different products and offerings from different brands for the customer to make an informed decision. The same goes with the tire shops. Sometimes, even though the shop has more than enough inventory of different types and brands of tires. But you don’t display them out in the open, how will the customer know about them? So one of the golden tire display ideas is to show every type and brand of tire on a pedestal. You can also show an interactive display for the customers to get proper information about every tire.
  • Self-education: If you want your tire shop to be successful, you may adopt the belief of self-education, as is the nature with most showrooms. When you go to an electronic device store, let’s say apple store, you will find different types of electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, earphones, etc. You can interact with these devices to understand them better. The same goes with the tires. Tire showroom displays work better if you put the tires out for the customers to educate themselves better. Customers can have a hands-on feel for all tires. Another one of the tire display approaches you may want to remember is to have an interactive experience for your customers. You can do that by installing a few touchscreen displays in your shop. These displays will help the customers browse through the different products available in your shop. This digital approach will not only make it easier for your buyer to shop for a product but also provide your shop with a tag of being digitally updated.
  • Rating-based: Another one of the tire shop ideas is to display and arrange the tires according to their quality and ratings. It is one of the oldest ways to display any product in an effective manner. Every sort of business enterprise, whether it is an online shopping website like Amazon (best to worst rated), a taxi service like Uber (economy, premier, intercity, etc.), food delivery website like Uber Eats, etc., has developed a sorting method for their customers. This kind of sorting method can help the customer choose the product based on their price as well. So you may add this sorting and rating system to your tire display.
  • Make it more attractive: When it comes to tire display ideas, you may want to get in touch with an excellent creative team for designing the display ad. Make them big, bright and eye-catching. Put as many colors in the sign, and make it illuminating to attract your customers. For that, you may visit Pinterest. It is one of the best places to find marketing and creative professionals for the automotive industry. On Pinterest, you’ll also be able to find sign display designers and creators to provide you with the most attractive sign board. As much you may not believe, a creative sign will attract as many customers as possible. You may also go for an art-based tire display for your shop. There are some artists out there who create sculptures made with tires and wheels. You may put these sculptures in front of your shop to attract an increased number of customers.

These are just a few methods for creating cool tire displays to attract the most number of customers possible. If you are looking to have more information about the best tire shop ideas, you may get in touch with the experts at Garage Plug via